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Becoming an Interim Manager is, above all, about a personal desire to apply your expertise in service of companies seeking to speed up their transformation or overcome a crisis. Medium- and long-term strategic assignments provide you with the opportunity to vary your environment and your challenges at your own pace.

Above all, this role requires a certain attitude: situational intelligence, pragmatism, engagement, and leadership in change management. Another necessary element is operational management experience in project coordination, service, or administrative roles.

Being an Interim Manager with VALUMEN means becoming a part of the VALUMEN community and adopting its values for sharing feedback, as well as making use of advice before, during, and after your assignments.

The VALUMEN sourcing process primarily involves a meeting, a dialogue between you, the future manager, and a VALUMEN partner. We therefore invite you to get started by sending us information on your professional background and the type of assignments you’re looking for by selecting one of the positions below.

With VALUMEN, you’re guaranteed to get tailor-made support and the benefits of joining a community of managers led by a team of entrepreneurs.

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