Our partners

As part of its three-year development plan, Valumen aspires to build a virtuous ecosystem and meet the challenges of corporate transformation. Since its creation in March 2020, Valumen has formed a network of partners with complementary skill sets and shared values to better support its customers. Valumen has forged a close bond with OpenWork, Citwell and Zalis with the goal of driving the success of their individual projects. At Valumen, collaboration focuses on customer service and premium offers.


The story between our founder, Nicolas Doucerain, and Jean-Hugues Zenoni dates back to 2011. Nicolas, then Chairman of SOLIC, and Jean-Hugues (Director of Sales at OpenWork) met on the off-chance at Le Drugstore on the Champs Elysées. Nicolas was busy at the time promoting his new book “Ma petite entreprise a connu la crise.” The end justified the means as Jean-Hugues succumbed and bought the book, reading it cover to cover overnight! Ever since, the two entrepreneurs have been inseparable!

OpenWork, which is a fully digital umbrella company, is our go-to partner for our managers. It supports and deputizes for them in the completion of their administrative and accounting tasks. OpenWork also provides a wage portage framework, social welfare and a guaranteed premium service with a human touch. The OpenWork team is young and hungry for success, making them a special, single point of contact for Valumen.



Upon Citwell’s founding in 2005, Laurent Penard (Chairman) and Bertrand Brumel-Jouan—at the time an opticians’ Supply Chain Manager—partnered up on a large-scale project to repurpose supply chains. From day one, their connection has grown stronger, both professionally and personally. Then, in 2013, Bertrand swapped sides, joining Citwell. He was tasked with supporting logistics and supply chain initiatives and heading up change management.

At Valumen, we work hand in hand with Citwell, the expert consulting firm in supply chain, logistics and operations with its dedicated entity, Talentwell. As such, we provide the best possible support to customers requiring operational solutions and specialized middle managers.



Nicolas Doucerain first crossed paths with ZALIS’ Founding Chairman, Daniel Cohen, in 2018 during a business conference on restructuring. That very day, Nicolas was chair, while Daniel was a guest participant who shared his expertise. From this day on, Nicolas and Daniel have worked together on multiple projects, forever communicating their experiences.

ZALIS is the leading specialist for companies operating in fast-changing environments. To this end, the firm lends its support through its four arms of expertise: Strategy Consulting – Turnaround & Restructuring – M&A and Fundraising – Change Management.