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Interim Management

In the face of an ever-changing world, anyone who participates in today’s economy must speed up their transformation and expand their horizons to include new possibilities and perspectives. Global crises are a prime opportunity to take a step back, observe, analyze, mobilize, and drive change. Successfully navigating a transformation involves considering multiple key elements in each decision: vision, feedback, values, dialogue, agility, economic performance, and a creative environment. By taking these factors into account, VALUMEN supports its customers, becoming familiar with their culture and their strategic stakes. Our priority is to define the necessary skills, but above all, to choose the right personality for a future interim manager.

With VALUMEN, you’re guaranteed to find an operational interim manager who’s responsive and available immediately to help your project succeed.


Executive Search

In the face of a significant shortage of executive officers on a national level, VALUMEN supports its customers by putting them in touch with top talent looking to get involved in a corporate project that matches their personal values and culture. This process goes hand in hand with interim management. Thanks to our unique expertise in recruiting executive officers, the VALUMEN team supports decision-makers in setting out the limits and stakes of the position, determining the search strategy, evaluating “Interpersonal Skills & Expertise,” introducing, advising, and finalizing the induction of the candidate selected.

With VALUMEN, you can rest assured that the best talent for your needs will be ready and waiting.


Management Seminar

In a world where crisis management is becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence, the members of an executive committee have to manage situations of mounting complexity: growth crises, financial crises, reorganizations, strategy and shareholder changes, and more. Strengthening a company’s ability to resist and ensure sustainable development means an EXCOM must stay on course and put things in perspective to preserve the human capital that serve customer innovation. The executive officers of VALUMEN are all entrepreneurs who organize, jointly design, and lead the seminars with passion and pragmatism through a disruptive model.

With VALUMEN, you get the promise of experiencing a seminar that brings together team unity and a shared vision.